Waterless urinals made of corn plastic - water savings for the true evironmentalist. They save water, are ecologically sound,
recyclable & combat uric salt build up, breaking down scale deposits. Save money and save the planet. Bio-fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire.

corn plastic waterless urinals Hampshire saving water
corn plastic waterless urinals Hampshire saving water

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water savings Hampshire

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waterless urinals made of corn plastic from Bio-Fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire

Isle of Wight Council saving water and money

Isle of Wight Council

The Isle of Wight Council has had units in for six years and saves on average 3,768000 litres of water a year, saving 7,200 per year.

Fareham College Hampshire saving water and money

Fareham College

Fareham college has saved 3,925000 litres of water a year which means savings of 7,500 per year. They have had waterless urinals for six years.

Lord Wandsworth Colleg saving water and money

Lord Wandsworth College

Lord Wandsworth college has had waterless urinals for six years. They save around 4,867000 litres of water a year, saving 9,300 per year.

Whitbread saving water and money


Whitbread has 35 units saving 5,495,000 litres a year and saving 10,000 per year. They have had units for six years.

Adelaide Convention Centre saving water and money

Adelaide Convention Centre, South Australia

The Adelaide Convention Centre has 4 trough and 73 wall hung urinals installed across the Centre. The wall hung urinals were flushing approximately 3,200 litres of water per day which equated to approximately 1.1 million litres per year. We decided to investigate ways to reduce the water use in our toilet systems and after a successful 3 month trial of the Heaven Fresh Australia Bio-Sleeve System have implemented this throughout the Centre.

Over the six months that we have been using the Heaven Fresh Australia Bio- Sleeve System the system has assisted us in reducing our water consumption, eliminating odours, reducing blockages and maintenance costs. Heaven Fresh Australia has promptly and efficiently addressed any questions or concerns that we have had over this period and we are looking forward to a long association with them and the Bio-Sleeve System.

Adelaide Convention Centre May 2008

Burswood Theatre saving water and money

Burswood Theatre

The Burswood Entertainment Centre has taken home the Waterwise Business more than 100,000KL award at the 2008 Water Awards.

Water Corporation A/Chief Executive Officer Sue Murphy said that the Burswood Entertainment Centre had introduced two major initiatives which had seen the centre achieve significant water savings.

"The centre changed the irrigation water from main to bore water supply and installed automatically controlled urinal flushing systems in the male toilets," Ms Murphy said. "These water savings methods meant that for the month of June, the centre saved 925,000 litres of water year on year."

Burnside Council saving water and money

Burnside Council, South Australia

4 July 2008

To Whom lt May Concern:

The City of Burnside implemented the Heaven Fresh Australia Bio Sleeve Sysfem in the public toilets at its Civic Centre.

Prior to installing the Heaven Fresh Bio Sleeve System, there were unpleasant odours lingering despite flushing 12 litres of water each time it was used. Since installing the Bio Sleeve System the area remains fresh smelling and water usage has been reduced by 70%.

The City of Burnside has been impressed by the reduction of Watdr usage since its initial installation and Council are now planning to install the Heaven Fresh Bio System across a number of other Council assets. Heaven Fresh have provided prompt and professional service and have ensured the Bio Sleeve System lives up to expectations. The City of Burnside looks fonrvard to a long, successful association with Heaven Fresh.

Yours sincerely, Colin Brackenridge Building Management Coordinator

Europa at the Bay saving water and money

Europa At The Bay

I am just writing you this letter to thank you for your Bio Sleeve system. Europa at the Bay is a small restaurant that seats 50 people inside and 50 outside. We had a problem where a bad odour was circulating through the back of the restaurant. Customers hated sitting there so we installed a Bio sleeve system for a trial. Instantly the problem was fixed, no more odours in tlre male toilets and most imprtantly in the restaurant. Now we save 96a/a on water flushing and have happy customers. From my experience, I can recommend the Bio sleeve system in any work environment. Take the liberty and test trial one now and you will be as,tonishd with the results. Once again thank you Heaven Fresh, it has been a real success.

Europa At The Bay Ristorante, Tom Arhondidis, Director

Zaks Restuarant saving water and money

Zak's Restaurant

Zak's is a busy Greek restaurant situated at West Lakes. Being in the restaurant industry you get judged in all aspects. Customers need to enjoy the experience of fine food an service but they also need to be comfortable when going to the toilet . We have one trough urinal that the male patrons use. It was getting to the stage were the high use of the urinal created problems with odour, high water usage and cost of maintenance. I was introduced to the Bio-Sleeve System by another restaurant owner, so I test trialled the system immediately. Laurie Mammone that is a director of Heaven Fresh Australia guaranteed me that the system would not only reduce water wastage in the urinals by up to 96Vo, but it would also eliminate odours, reduce blockages and cut costs on maintenance. To this day 9 months on, the system has fulfilled all of my requirements and I can recommend it to any one.

Zak' s Restaurant, John Carapetis, Director

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ISO standard and eco friendly water savings Hampshire

Waterless Urinal Corn Plastic Unit: ISO 14001 Accredited

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Waterless urinals made of corn plastic - water savings for the true evironmentalist. They save water, are ecologically sound,
recyclable & combat uric salt build up, breaking down scale deposits. Save money and save the planet. Bio-fresh UK Ltd. Hampshire.

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